Project 500 launches into another Primary School!

Oakham School is delighted to be able to support another Primary School in undertaking Project 500, an exciting scheme which encourages pupils to read more science-themed books.

Pupils from English Martyrs Primary School, were invited to take part in the project, following its successful introduction last year to pupils from Brooke Hill Academy.  The pupils at English Martyrs were given the mission of exploring the solar system and identifying a planet for possible human habitation.  They were also tasked with considering how life might need to adapt in order to survive in the environmental conditions on a planet of their choice.  

Following their investiture as members of EMOSSA (English Martyrs Oakham School Space Agency), and after two weeks of careful research, note-taking and consideration of the mission in hand, the intrepid scientists visited the library to help further inspire them with their work.

Mrs Lucy Breag, Librarian said, “we were extremely impressed with the amount of research they had carried out, the thought that had gone into the detail, and the ways in which new animals were being creatively imagined.” Lucy continues, “we now look forward to seeing the finished pieces of work which will count towards completion of the Project 500 Passport to the Solar System reading challenge.”

Oakham's Smallbone Library was selected to pilot Project 500 in England by the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. Given the Library's impressive range of resources, it is well placed to help children to get excited about reading about science. The Library is looking forward to inviting even more local Primary Schools to take part in the future. 

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