Piano Duet Highlights from Pianists of all ages

This week we saw highlights from Oakham School’s Piano Duet competition held earlier this year. The concert began with Patrick (Form 1) playing with Head of Piano, Anne Bolt.  They played Czardas, a Dutch folk song by Hengeveld. The sharpness of this traditional song contrasted strongly with Matthew (Form 4) and Ivan (Form 7) playing the theme from Romeo & Juliet by Tchaikovsky; a well-known and typical ballad with light, airy phrases. Maya (Form 1) and Halldis (Form 1) took the contrast up another level with a piece titled Tantrum by OO Morgan. A jazz piece took the stage next, written by piano teacher Jane McKee. Fred (Form1) and Ollie (Form 1) performed Blue Sox in the cool manner befitting the piece, before Lucy (Form 4) and Samantha (Form 3) took over to play La Toupie from Jeux d'enfants by Bizet. This delicate piece preceded another jazz piece by Alan Thomas, played by Eddie (Form 2) and Ethan (Form 2), called On being blue. This kickstarted a spree of classical performances, starting with Natasha (Form 4) and April (Form 4) playing a Waltz by Borkowicz, followed by Holly (Form 6) and Sophie (Form 6) playing Andante from Massenet’s Première Suite (op. 11) and finally a strong a frightful finish from Kaloyan (Form 4) and Maximillian (Form 6) with a contrasting piece from a familiar story: Montagues and Capulets from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet


All performers should be congratulated on their superb performances and here’s to many more piano duets in the future at Oakham School!

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