Outstanding Violin and Trumpet recital

This Wednesday we welcomed Grace and Freddie to continue our Music at Lunchtime recitals, following a restful half term.

Grace began the recital in spectacular style, with Beethoven’s Romance No.2 in F major. The second Romance is a highly popular piece, most likely due to its lyrical beauty and reflective qualities. Grace’s beautifully sensitive playing captured the attention of every member of the audience, drawing us into the sweet melodies, laced with the tumult Beethoven was experiencing at the time. When writing the Romance in F, Beethoven’s hearing was fading, a traumatic time in the composer’s life. With this knowledge, the innocent and youthful lines carry a much more sombre sentiment of a time where Beethoven was trying to find solace and escapism from deafness through his music.  

In complete contrast to the Romance, Grace then performed the lively Hoe-Down from Copland’s Rodeo ballet. The quick, complicated passages were executed with accuracy and exuberance, and for a few minutes we were launched into the sound-world of Rodeo, set in 19th Century Southwest America, on a Texas ranch.

Contrasting to Grace’s energetic performance of Hoe-down, Freddie performed Share my yoke by Joy Webb. The contrast of the violin to the trumpet as well as the mood of the piece made for an exciting recital. This piece has equally beautiful and lyrical melodies, with long passages and phrases which Freddie executed with impeccable breath control. Freddie utilised the slow tempo to demonstrate his musicality and understanding of the timbre of the trumpet.

We experienced yet another contrast with Freddie’s performance of Virtuosity by Kenny Baker. This piece has incredibly challenging, intricate passages, requiring great technique, which Freddie displayed, truly showing off the virtuosic abilities of the trumpet.

Huge congratulations to both the performers today who both gave fantastic recitals.

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