OO President Kat Klohe Chats To 7th Formers About Life During And Since Oakham

Kat Klohe (OO ’07) visited the Social Science Faculty on Friday before the OO President’s dinner to share her experience of Oakham School, her life experience after Oakham and to raise awareness of neglected tropical diseases and how they hamper the development of Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs).

Students and staff were inspired as she outlined her studies at Bath University, SOAS and LSE, following a gap year in Mexico to learn her fourth language, Spanish.  She is about to embark on an MBA in Barcelona to enable her to explore a sustainable business model to support development, so that LEDCs are less reliant on aid; which often comes with strings attached, is not co-ordinated across different aid agencies or focuses on the interests of the major donors rather than proving the effectiveness of the interventions for the population in this areas.

Form 7 IB student Annabel Bailey said, ‘I was inspired that Kat talked about the similar challenges we face at school today.’ While Form 7 A-level student Lucy Barton said, ‘It is amazing how much Kat has achieved since leaving school and the diversity of her experiences.  She seems to have gone everywhere and done so much!’  Harvinder Kaur, a teacher in the Economics department who will be teaching Development next term commented, ‘Having these life experiences and concepts brought to the attention of our students is invaluable and will provide the applied ‘hooks’ onto which we can place the theoretical concepts.  It demonstrates that Economics is a dynamic, useful subject to study at school, affecting all our lives and those less fortunate than us.’

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