Oakham's Hackathon 2019

Computer Science students took part in Oakham’s second-ever Hackathon along with students from Dixie Grammar.  It took place in Beaumanor Hall; an incredibly fitting location, given the key role it played during WWII, with operatives intercepting German communications. The students were challenged to solve a range of different Computer Science problems – just as they would in Hackathons that take place in universities and in the commercial world.  

Form 4 student Thomas reports:-

“The Hackathon is a series of programming tasks set by Computer Science teachers that students could attempt in any way they liked.

The tasks included an A.I lie detector, a code-breaking puzzle, a bomb defusal task and more. This year’s Hackathon theme was based on the World War II intelligence services, which used Beaumanor Hall as a “message interception base”.

I spent the day working on the bomb defusal challenge and it helped me to improve my understanding of functions and the difference between local and global variables.

In general, all students felt the Hackathon was a great way to improve their understanding of Computer Science and programming.”

Head of Computer Science Mr Michael Crofts said, “This year’s event was a huge success. It was lovely for our students to work with another group and feel part of a wider collective. Students had the freedom to choose the problems they tackled and could spend the entire day tackling a single problem if they wished. The day’s objectives included not only encouraging them to enjoy the problem-solving process but to also think creatively and build on perseverance as well as commitment. It was great seeing this all in action.” 

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