Oakham's football teams embark on unbeaten run

The 2018 football season has begun stunningly for Oakham School’s senior teams with convincing wins for all four boys’ sides in their first two league games against Rugby and Bedford School and for the girls’ 1st XI.

The morale of all the coaches and players is soaring high after 29 competitive goals have been scored within the space of 6 days, some being described as professional league standard by Oakham’s coaches and those from the opposition. Sharan Aggarwal, who was voted Man of the Match for the U18Ds, said after Thursday’s win against Bedford: “Every player who steps onto the pitch to represent Oakham goes out there and gives 110%; I believe this is what gives us the competitive edge against our opponents.”

The Girls 1st XI kicked off their season by recording a large league win in their quest for glory, putting 4 goals past Welbeck College. This was after a convincing win against Repton in Round 1 of the ISFA Cup.

In addition to their winning performances, Oakham’s pupils have been highly commended by other team coaches as well as the referees for their excellent team behaviour in all their games; this shows that the players representing Oakham understand that whatever they are doing there is also a bigger picture involved.

Everyone is hoping they can continue this unbeaten run in their next fixtures on Saturday 3 February.

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