Oakham's Drama Scholars give outstanding performances in 'Five Women Wearing the Same Dress'

Form 6 and 7 students recently delighted audiences with their production of, “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress”, which was held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the end of last term.  

Clara, Clo, Georgia, Betsi and Megan impressed the audience in the title roles, whilst adeptly supported by Charlie in the role of Tripp.The actors played five identically clad bridesmaids who hide out in an upstairs bedroom during an ostentatious wedding reception at a Knoxville, Tennessee estate.  These five very different women joyously discover a common bond in the wickedly funny, irreverent and touching celebration of friendship and sisterhood.
Director of Drama Gilly Norrell said, “The cast skilfully brought out each of their very different, individual characters and were wonderfully entertaining. The production was enthusiastically received by large audiences and I am very proud of their performances.”
Each year Oakham presents an extensive programme of drama productions that demonstrates its commitment to Drama, and the Scholars’ Productions showcase the work produced by the finest students. Previous Scholars' plays include: Playhouse Creatures (2017), A Bog of Cats (2016) and  A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015).
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