Oakhamians win at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry!

Four promising young scientists from Form Two attended the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at Nottingham University and won the Forensic challenge.

Salters’ Festivals are a series of one-day fun events held at universities in the UK and Ireland. They provide the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to spend a day in a university department and to take part in practical chemistry activities.

Lucy, Zsolti, Tom and Erin triumphed in the Forensic investigation, where they worked as a team to look at chemical clues and deciphered who could be placed at the scene of the crime. Their prizes were Molymod kits (molecular modelling kits), similar to those that are used in lessons.

Dr Alison Nairn said, “There were a few teams who actually worked out the murderer but the Oakham team was the most efficient and careful when carrying out and recording their experiments." Alison continued, “The day was fantastic and gave the pupils responsibility to carry out investigations like a true Chemist.”

Oakham School provides many opportunities to develop pupils’ enthusiasm for Chemistry beyond the classroom. Some examples include taking part in the Bronze level CREST Award, the Big Bang Fair and the Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Bench Competition. Junior Science Club is also popular.

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