Oakhamians Shoot to the Top

A team of Oakham school students successfully won this Spring's British Schools Small-bore Rifle Association Section 2 Division 4 competition.

The team consisting of Benedict Brown (Form 6), Joshua Gibbons (Form 5), Markijan Kozlowski-Smith (Form 5) and Carlotta Poensgen (Form 6) beat competitors from Wellington College, Victoria College, Greshams School and Charterhouse School over 5 rounds of shooting.

The competition was a postal event, which was shot on the School's 25m range under the National Small-bore Rifle Associations conditions.

Two members of a different team shooting in a Section 2 Division 1, Vanessa Bieger (Form 7) and Caspar Dingerkus (Form 6) scored the highest possible score of 100 twice each and have been awarded the BSSRA HPS badge.

Mr Iain Reeves, Master in Charge of Shooting, said, "All school shooters have performed excellently this term and we are now looking forward to the Summer Full-bore Season".

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