Oakhamians join the Woodland Trust's "Big Climate Fightback" campaign

On Saturday a small group of Oakham pupils attended a tree-planting event in Derbyshire as part of the Woodland Trust’s “Big Climate Fightback”; a national event providing opportunities for people to get involved in tree-planting activities across the country to help reduce the effects of climate change.

Trip organiser, Mr Vic Russell, tells us more:

‘Pupils from Lower 1 to Form 7 braved the mist, ice and mud to plant as many young trees as they could at the Young People’s Forest at Meade, near Heanor – a site at which the Woodland Trust hoped to plant 15,000 trees that day and with the eventual aim of 250,000 overall.

Oakham’s climate warriors worked very hard in the short time available and managed to plant a fantastic total of over 300 trees. Their back-breaking work was rewarded with some delicious food provided on site but the real reward is that they can feel proud in the knowledge that they have made a positive personal contribution in the fight to reduce the effects of climate change.

Oakham hopes to take part in more similar events where pupils can show their commitment to creating a better environment for the years to come.

I would like to thank fellow colleagues, Catherine Walker and Lucy Breag, for their help and support and everyone else who has provided positive encouragement in this endeavour.’

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