Oakhamians attend the Salters' Festival of Chemistry

Four budding scientists from Form 2 recently attended the Salters’ Chemistry Festival at Nottingham University. 

The Salters’ Festival of Chemistry is an initiative of the Salters’ Institute whose aim is to promote the appreciation of Chemistry and related sciences amongst the young. 

Epiphany, Lucy, Zara and Francesca were given team practical challenges to carry out in the University teaching lab and had the chance to watch an exciting thunder and lightning demonstration. They were also fortunate to meet Professor Martyn Poliakoff, one of the University’s leading researchers in the field of supercritical fluids with particular emphasis on Green Chemistry.

Zara tells us more about the day: “ The first task was about testing solutions and powders to work out who committed the crime and we also had to use chromatography to check if our suspect was guilty; we got it right! In the afternoon we did another experiment, but this time we had to use our own knowledge to work out a way to cool down some water using the given chemicals. Finally we watched an amazing live lecture which included lots of experiments and bangs! We all had a great day.”

Head of Chemistry Mrs Jo Griffiths said, “The students had a fantastic time. They not only had an opportunity to carry out experiments using university facilities but they also watched interesting and inspiring lectures.”

Oakham School provides many opportunities to develop our pupils’ enthusiasm for Chemistry beyond the classroom. Lower School pupils have the chance to take part in: the Bronze level CREST Award, the Big Bang Fair and the Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Bench Competition. Junior Science Club is also a popular weekly activity.

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