Oakham violinists entertain with Music At Lunchtime recital

The first lunchtime concert of the new half term was given by three promising young violinists of the school: Lucy (Form 2), Natasha (Form 2) and Bethany (Form 3).

Lucy began, rather appropriately, with the first movement from Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in G minor, ‘Summer’. The descending opening motif was sensitively phrased and Lucy’s beautiful tone carried throughout the church. The faster section followed with dramatic contrast and the musical depiction of the cuckoo’s call was well portrayed as Lucy brought out the descending thirds. The closing passage of descending scales was achieved with real vigour and charge, and brought Lucy’s performance to an exciting finish.

Next, Bethany transported us to the Romantic era with a virtuosic performance of Henry Farmer’s Hope Told a Flattering Tale. Bethany captured the different moods of the variations well and the technicalities of the piece were extremely impressive; in particular, the harmonics were executed perfectly and the difficult left hand pizzicati were very strong.

The last of the solo performances was given by Natasha who played Introduction & Polonaise by Carl Bohm. After a lyrical introduction, Natasha communicated a spirited performance of this dance-style piece and it was a joy to see her having so much fun with it.

To finish, the three violinists were joined by Head of Strings, Martin Cropper, to perform the first two movements of Concerto No. 2 in D major for four violins by Georg Philipp Telemann. The homophonic Adagio was well together with good communication between all four players. The Allegro was played with real energy, allowing each performer the opportunity to play the main melody and showcased the players’ abilities to perform well within an ensemble setting as well as as soloists.

Bravo to all three performers! You can listen to the recording of the concert on the Oakham School SoundCloud page at the following link:  

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