Oakham students visit the National Museum of Computing

Form 5 students studying Computer Science travelled to Bletchley Park to visit the National Museum of Computing, which houses the largest collection of functional historic computers in Europe. 

Head of Computer Science, Mr Michael Croft, tells us more:

"The students had a brain-taxing, but incredibly interesting and exciting visit to the home of WWII codebreakers, The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. They were treated to a day full of historical background, giving important context to modern computers.  Highlights include the humble hand-cranked calculator with its registers and accumulator, a necessary part of every computer’s Central Processing Unit since. They also include seeing the Tunny, Heath Robinson & Colossus code breaking machines. The students learnt about the heroic, computerised efforts involved in breaking the German Lorenz cipher, creating the Harwell Dekatron a.k.a WITCH (the oldest original working computer in the world) as well as programming the 35-year old BBC Micros for a game of Snake. Not to mention the fun that was had with the cipher challenges and the after-lunch quiz, well done the red team!"

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