Oakham School Writer's Day with Author Mr Robin Price

Pupils from Copthill, Hallaton, Highfields, Laxton and Whissendine visited Oakham School Library for a day of writing workshops with author Robin Price as part of the Authors Abroad Scheme. 

Robin Price is a highly regarded fiction writer of 14 children's books including Roobarb and Custard, the Spartapuss series and London Deep.

Librarian Mrs Lucy Breag tells us more:

"During the action-packed day, the pupils learned of the trials of the feline hero Spartapuss at the hands of the Romans; munched their way through several plates of biscuits (even finding the hidden party rings first!); wrote their own Greek myths, which were then confidently read out to the group; enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Barraclough and turned their hands to writing science-fiction stories about unicorns, gummy bears and feisty vegetables.

They eventually made their way home happy after having had a day of extreme creativity and full of ideas for how to make their writing even more exciting."

This event was just one of a number that Oakham's Smallbone library arranges throughout the year to encourage and develop literacy, both with our own pupils and with those from local schools.  

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