Oakham School hosts Institute of Economics Affairs Conference

The Economics Department was delighted to host the Institute of Economics Affairs (IEA) Sixth Form Conference towards the end of last term. Oakham’s economists were joined by Upper School students from across the region and attended lectures and presentations given by leading IEA experts.

Speakers included Dr Jamie Whyte who discussed whether the financial crisis was caused by bankers simply undertaking their moral duty to shareholders. Dr Steve Davies spoke about globalisation and the return of China as an economic superpower in the 21st century, and Dr Kristian Niemietz gave a lecture on Social Health Insurance Systems, using behavioural theory to suggest why a system between that used in the UK and US might yield better outcomes. The day concluded with a session about careers and opportunities in Economics.

Head of Economics Mr Paul Nutter said, “The conference was enjoyable and informative and the free market perspective provided by the IEA allowed teachers and students to compare the arguments with other schools of thought. It was a pleasure to host so many different schools and colleges, with almost 150 students from around the East Midlands attending.  We were grateful to our catering department who were able to provide their usual high quality ‘food for thought’.  The talks were pitched at a high level, challenging students to consider ideas that they would not normally encounter from a text book but which will be useful in an exam and, most importantly, broaden horizons."

Oakham Social Sciences Faculty regularly hosts visiting speakers and organises trips to external lectures to broaden the students learning experience.  Moreover, the faculty's new suite of classrooms offers fantastic facilities and space to teach the subject.

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