Oakham School hosts inaugural Philosothon

Oakham School hosted the first ever Rutland Schools’ Philosothon this week, a competition that encourages students to explore philosophical and ethical issues. Teams from Oakham, Oundle, Uppingham and Harington all took part in the event.

Students were divided into groups of six and, over the course of three sessions, discussed topics such as the role of government.  Form 7 students from Oakham took the role of facilitators in each group, whilst a member of staff from each school judged the discussions.

Individuals were assessed on their listening skills, how they responded to others as well as their ability and willingness to further the group’s discussion.

‘It is really important to realise that these qualities are different from those that we look for in debating,’ says Megan Fairley, Head of Religion & Philosophy. ‘This event was aimed at encouraging quality rather than quantity of argument and helping to build students’ confidence in philosophy’.

 After an afternoon of intense discussion, Uppingham School was awarded the prize for scoring the most points, whilst Lily (Oakham), Heidi (Uppingham), Oliver (Oundle) and Kamila (Harington) were awarded book tokens in recognition of the quality of their contributions.

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