Oakham School celebrates Mardi Gras

The week before half term Teacher of French Mrs Hollering, together with the French Assistants and the School Barraclough chefs, organised a special day to celebrate Shrove Tuesday for Oakham staff and pupils.

The activities included a quiz in both French and in English, in which the whole school took part, to help them expand their knowledge about the day and its traditions, particularly in the USA and the rest of the world. 

The talented chefs in the Barraclough created tasty, vibrant dishes for lunch such as blacked cajun fish, veggie jambalaya, jerk chicken with rice and peas and banana pancakes with toffee sauce. Delicious!
The feedback from pupils and staff was excellent with positive comments about the amazing food and how much they enjoyed learning about the event.
A huge thank you to Mrs Hollering and her helpers whose hard work and organisation made this day a great success.

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