Oakham Philosophy students attend Philosothon

Oakham Philosophy students took part in Stowe School's inaugural open Philosothon this week, discussing ideas surrounding trust, identity, property and environmental ethics.

Head of Religion and Philosophy, Mrs Megan Fairley tells us more:-

“A Philosothon is a friendly competition in which team members work together to reach a set of intellectually satisfying ideas. They are scored not only for the quality of their contributions but also for their ability to help others to contribute. The aim is not to score points from each other but to work creatively with ideas as a team. Two students from each group in Forms 3 - 7 were selected by their teachers in recognition of their enthusiasm for and contribution to the subject this year.”

Form 7 student Malaika said, “It was such an amazing experience. I felt that I learnt a lot from the other students and made some new friends, as well as being really challenged in my thinking.”

Form 5 student Nathan added, “It really made me think about how I can develop my confidence in group situations and how I can get my points across in a positive and articulate way.”

Oakham School hosted their first ever Philosothon last year, which was a great success and gave students the chance to explore philosophical issues with teams from Schools in the surrounding area.

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