Oakham on the world stage

Oakhamian delegates have won several awards and received huge praise following their participation at the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference held at Kingswood School, Bath.

Form 6 student Rosalia received the Top Delegate Award from the Economic Committee and Charlie (Form 6) was highly commended for his debating skills within the Middle East Committee. The Oakham debating team was also commended as the delegation representing Cuba.

This event is one of the largest of its kind in the country, with around 300 students attending. Oakham students wrestled with the complexities of topics as diverse as antimicrobial resistance, the situation in Syria, climate change and the rights of disabled people. Debates were conducted according to official UN procedures, and students were also presented with an emergency scenario, where they responded to an unexpected crisis that demanded an international response.

Head of Politics and International Relations, Mr Laurence Ward, said, “For many of our pupils, this was their first conference, and they showed tremendous enthusiasm and willingness to challenge themselves throughout the day.”

MUN is a  thriving Upper School debating activity, which allows students to debate and engage in some of the most challenging issues facing the world today. The MUN conferences put students in role-play situations where they form delegations to represent the various member states of the UN. They each research their allocated country in advance of the conference so that they are able to accurately convey the views of those countries in debates on a range of contemporary issues.


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