Oakham musicians celebrate Shostakovich in lunchtime recital

Wednesday's lunchtime concert was a celebration of the evocative chamber music of Shostakovitch.

The duet Elegy, performed by William and Lucy Collison was a fine depiction of musical poetry. Sensitive and subtle piano playing perfectly accompanied the eloquent violin. There was a sense of movement further enhanced by beautiful shading created by a use of dynamics.

The Piano Trio No.2 in E Minor, performed by Jessica Carr, Alina Maries-Reim and Martin Cropper (Head of Strings), was a vibrant display of energy and musicality. Following an eerie introduction we hear a strident yet delicate piano theme, (littered with Shostakovich's fingerprints). This is taken over by the sonorous voice of the violin exploring its high register. The cello continues in an ethereal and dark timbre.

The climactic ending of the Andante led into the boisterous Allegro con brio. Frantic in style this was delivered with both energy and wit. A strong sense of ensemble was apparent and folk like melodies and rhythmic drive were enjoyed and masterfully accomplished by the trio.

This concert was a joy to behold and was followed by rapturous applause.

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