Oakham Horn Players Come Together

Last Wednesday, a selection of four of Oakham School's Horn players came together to give a varied repertoire of one of the brass family’s hardest instruments. Owen started the concert off with a wonderfully toned Andante by Mozart. A perfectly idiomatic piece, Owen captured the mood of the afternoon immediately. Form 3 Daniel took over following this, with a sweet Romance by Saint-Seans which demonstrated the more lyrical side of the repertoire as it was a piece originally written for 'Cello. To further extend the variety, Liberty took to the stage to perform En Irlande by Bozza, a piece evocatively recalling an Irish folk tune and an afternoon hunting in the countryside. This lively jig was the final piece of our soloists.

The three players were then joined by Findlay to help them perform two Horn Quartets: Fairest Isle by Purcell and Since first I saw your face by Ford.  These two short pieces were a smart end to a well rounded performance, and demonstrated exceedingly mature musicianship from the young Horn players. The four of them should be commended for such an accomplished performance.

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