Oakham designers enjoy talk by Mr Dan Black from 'black+blum'

Oakham designers were recently hosted by the humorous and insightful Mr Dan Black from the London based design company “black+blum”.

Undergraduate Design Fellow Miss Lauren Day tells us more:-

“Pupils of all years were invited to attend the talk during which they learned about the roots of the business, the changes they have made and what the future holds for the company and design as a whole.

The main topic of the talk was sustainability and eco-friendly designs with thought to how as designers we need to be the ones to push for change in how we design products and the materials that are used and sourced.

Two scholars from Design and Technology Jenna and Grace then presented Mr Black with a gift to thank him for his time.

The lively Q&A session included questions ranging from idea generation and problem-solving to how to keep products relevant and promoted. Overall an insightful and inspiring evening was had by all.”

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