Oakham Chemistry Society - A study of Snow and Ice

Members of the Chemistry Society had a fascinating evening learning about the chemistry of snow and ice, the topic of which was inspired by the recent rather chilly weather!

Head of Chemistry Mrs Joanne Griffiths tells us more:

“Students investigated the crystal structure of ice to help explain why snowflakes are hexagonal. We used the technique of recrystallisation to answer why no two snowflakes are identical and attempted to make ice cream using the chemistry behind salting roads in the winter.  The students also investigated the hydrogels in fake snow and some of our 7th formers helped to explain the chemistry behind the polymers in this smart material. 

This practical workshop was a great opportunity for Forms 5, 6 and 7 chemistry students to have fun learning together. It was also a valuable exercise helping them to connect the theory that we teach, with real world applications.”

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