Oakham athletes win Gold at Achilles Relays in Oxford

Four boys in Forms 6 and 7 Miles, James, Toby and Aristide won Gold in the senior 110m Hurdles Relay in the prestigious Achilles Relays. It was held at the famous Iffley Road Track, Oxford (the site where Sir Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile).

This is the second time Oakham has competed in this annual Relays meet and following the fine start to the season expectations were high. With 24 schools taking part and many of the top athletics schools in the country present, it was a real challenge for the Oakham athletes. 

Assistant Director of Boys-Sport, Mr Trefon Vendoros tells us more about the exciting Hurdles Relay race. 

 “Toby had an immense start. Ambitious and with nothing to lose he powered his way to Miles. Oakham were in the lead by a breath. Boldly Miles punched hard through each barrier and as he closed in on his run, he showed just how close he could slide over the bar. James tagged and set off like he was born for this race. Driving hard and fast James increased the gap by 3 or 4 yards. Third change and it was down to Aristide to finish the race. Stride by stride, hurdle by hurdle, Aristide did not falter and he completed the relay in first place.”

Well done to everyone who took part in the challenge. The meet is steeped in history and it was a fantastic experience for everyone.

Event Placement Time
Open Boys Hurdles 110m Gold for Oakham 67.8sec
Inter Girls 4 x 100m 3rd 54.6sec
Inter Girls 3 x 800m 3rd  7.56min
Junior Boys 4 x 800m 4th 9.51min
Open Boys 4 x 100 5th 46.0sec



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