'Noticing the Unnoticed' Exhibition by Oakham's Artist-in-Residence

Following three months of exploration, interpretation and experimentation, Jess Gilbert, Oakham’s Artist-in-Residence, has launched her first exhibition at Oakham School.

Her work is being displayed in the foyer of the Smallbone Library and shows her collaborative projects with the students, her responses to working and living in Oakham, as well as found and collected material.

Jess’s practice as an artist is broad and aims to interrupt the everyday by highlighting the peculiar everyday. She seeks inspiration from the notion of noticing the unnoticed and translating this material into visual art. Jess uses her work as a tool to engage conversation with an audience, extending verbal dialogue to a visual exchange of information. Words, questions and imagery that feature in her work often trigger thought, discussion and laughter.

Jess said, “I would like to say thank you for the positive response to my show so far. Conversation is really important to my practice so if you have any questions or want to meet in the library to discuss the narrative of the pieces I am more than happy to oblige!”

The show runs until 26 January and to find out more about her practice please visit

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