Multi-talented Musicians

Multi-instrumentalists from Form 4, 5 and 6 wow audience with Dvorak Sonatina in G.

This week the lunchtime concert goers were treated to the whole of Dvorak’s Sonatina in G, op. 100, played by Lucy, Bethany, Natasha and Holly. The musicians each took a turn on the violin and piano for different movements, demonstrating exceptional fluency for their ages in both disciplines.

It started with Bethany on the violin and Holly on the piano, instantly capturing the audience’s attention with a lively and triumphant start inspired heavily by frontier-American styled melodies. The piece gave both players much to contend with and gave the audience an example of the caliber of musicianship we were to expect for the rest of the half hour.

The second movement took a decidedly more emotional turn which was delivered this time by Lucy on the violin and Natasha on the piano. Like before both musicians did the movement justice, taking it in turn at different points to accompany and equally sensitively bring out the melody. Together they created a very whimsical soundscape which helped bring across Dvorak’s yearning for his home country.

Lucy had barely a moment to breathe before she moved onto the piano for the third movement, joined by Holly on the violin. The movement’s jolliness was in stark contrast to it’s predecessor and yet still had the same amount of emotion behind the playing. The two players played more together than in the other two movements, this time often sharing the melody but never seeming to be more important than the other.  

Bethany and Natasha returned to the stage for the final movement, this time on piano and violin respectively. There was once again a strong frontier theme which was represented with great fluency, with especially even performance on some of the quicker rhythms from both players. The whole piece came to a close as triumphantly as it had begun, leaving the audience wondering how the players could have ever found the time to rehearse so much music.

Next week’s concert sees Holly return, this time just on piano playing some Scarlatti, Chopin and Sofia Gubaidulina

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