Mellifluous Oboe Recital

On Wednesday 3 October, Emilia performed a beautifully curated oboe recital.

Beginning with the first movement from the Mozart Oboe Quartet in F Major, we were immediately swept-up into the captivating sound-world of the oboe. Written to show the virtuosity of the oboe, the quartet includes many intricate, decorative lines as well as a wide tessitura, containing the use of a top F. Emilia executed these challenging lines and passages with fluency and accuracy, providing an impressive start to her recital.

Following this, Emilia performed a selection of three pieces from Metamorphoses after Ovid by Benjamin Britten, Pan, Niobe and Bacchus. As implied by the titles, each piece is inspired by a character from Roman mythology. It was fascinating to hear how Britten made each character come to life with complex passages, combining legato and staccato passages, and using disjunct and conjunct movement. Emilia did not waver throughout these exposed, unaccompanied pieces, providing great contrast between the pieces and succeeded in painting a musical picture of each of these characters.

To conclude the recital, Emilia performed Grovlez’s Sarabande et Allegro. This piece also includes great contrasts, particularly between the Sarabande and the Allegro, but also within each section. The Sarabande begins with a slow, relaxed melody, requiring great breath control which Emilia demonstrated. Within these slower sections are several fast, scalic and arpeggiated passages. The Allegro takes lead from this and includes many arpeggio patterns, and a wide tessitura, utilising the highest ‘reasonable’ note on the oboe, a top F sharp.

Emilia delivered a beautiful performance, displaying great dexterity on the oboe, and an adavanced understanding of the music. Well done Emilia!

Join us next week, 1.30pm in Oakham School Chapel for the next concert in our Music at Lunchtime Series. On Wednesday 10 October, we will welcome Luke and Beth on piano, performing Romantic piano music by Chopin and his contemporaries.

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