Media Challenge: Sixth Formers report on life at Oakham

Oakhamian activityMedia Challenge: Sixth Formers report on life at Oakham
16 October 2015

As part of Monday’s Service Weekend activities, a group of Sixth Formers took on the challenge of researching, writing and designing their own magazine articles within a specific time frame, with extremely promising results.

Their brief was to produce either two articles of 600 words each or a single article of 1200 words containing advice for students who are new to the School that you wouldn’t find in the Prospectus or the Oakhamian, the school magazine. With a deadline later that afternoon to present their articles, and the promise of chocolate prizes, they impressed with the speed at which they set to work.

ArticlesIn two teams of three – boys pitted against girls – they brainstormed possible ideas then allocated jobs within their team to put the article together. After an introduction to Canva design software from Mrs Coe in the Marketing department, they were let loose on the campus to flex their journalistic muscles.

When the teams presented their articles, having met the deadline with ease, it was clear that the students had risen admirably to the challenge and produced interesting and attractive pieces of work with some fascinating insights into Oakham life.

The awards were as follows:

  • Best Pitch and Best Research were awarded to Isabella Naylor and Evie Vincent for their article titled 'The Best'. This included interviews with different members of staff on which students they considered to be performing particularly well in their areas of expertise.
  • Best Headline and Most Original Idea went to Ayesha Johal’s piece on 'Survival Tips for the Barraclough', advice on how to have a stress-free dining experience.
  • Best Layout and Best Content went to Maruta Kiyonaga, James Knight, and Lucas Ward for 'The Purple Wall', their unofficial and light-hearted guide to Wharflands House.

Media Challenge: Sixth Formers report on life at Oakham

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