Matthews Society discusses society's expectations

The Matthews Society met on Wednesday night for their second meeting of the year. Jenny Lin, one of this year’s Society Presidents, led an engaging discussion on the expectations that society has of men and women - how they should behave and dress and what careers they should aspire to - and gave some examples from her own life such as the pressure for women to ‘have it all’ and to fit into a particular mould in the way they look and dress. Members of the group shared their own experiences and how they felt about what was expected of them: many of the boys expressed their frustration in being expected to be ‘strong and silent’ whilst the girls reflected on the attitude that women were simply ‘princesses’ who needed saving. The group felt there was much to celebrate in the way men and women are portrayed in more recent Disney films and the growing awareness of how gender stereotyping can affect children as young as 7. ‘This was a very well attended meeting’ says Lizzy Sanders, Jenny’s co-President, ‘And this discussion will be a catalyst for change not only in the lives of our members, but also in the lives of their future children’.

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