Maisy and Evie Perform Musical Theatre Songs

This week we had the joy of musical theatre being brought to the stage. The programme started with proof that good things can come in small packages with Evie (Form 1) showing skill beyond her age. Be kind to your parents had the audience laughing, whilst A change in me left them in stunned silence. Finishing with the whimsical It’s possible, the audience were left feeling as upbeat and optimistic as the song itself. It must be noted that Evie prepared herself only about three hours in advance, stepping in at short notice, and showed how mature and collected she can be as a performer. Well done!

Maisy (Form 4) took to the stage next and started with the tongue-twister Popular from WickedOnce again the audience were onside and laughing as she worked her way through the subtle jokes and difficult melody. Lifeboat took a more serious turn, with dramatic mood swings leaving the audience in silence at the end in case there was any more to come. Finally Astonishing took a contemporary turn and increased the vocal variety up a level once again. Maisy performed excellently and her passion for musical theatre really shined through!

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