Lower School pupils celebrate International Francophonie Day!

On 20 March each year, French speakers around the world celebrate their shared language and this year the Lower School pupils joined them with a French reading event.

Around 80 pupils had the pleasure of listening to stories being read to them by members of the French Department in the Smallbone Library. International classics such as Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains were mixed with shorter stories for younger pupils.

They then enjoyed one of the 120 pastries on offer – provided they asked for it in French, of course!

Ed Milner, Head of French said, “It was a great success, which we hope to replicate next year. The pupils were interested in the stories and it was an excellent way to improve their listening skills. Many thanks to Teacher of French Dr Summers and Librarian Mrs Breag for organising the session.”

This is just one of a variety of exciting, interactive activities that the French Department offers at Oakham School. Lower School pupils also have the opportunity to spend a week in France at the start of July each year to put their language learning into practice.

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