Lower 1 pupils visit Egleton Nature Reserve

Lower One pupils enjoyed a visit to nearby Egleton Nature Reserve at Rutland Water to learn about the different habitats found there.

The pupils carried out some pond dipping and bug hunting where they learned about the creatures that inhabit the pond and how some prefer to live in different parts of it. They identified all sorts of creatures from great water boatman, water boatman, water snails, ram’s headwater snails, pond skaters, and dragonfly nymphs (a good sign of environmentally clean water).

Whilst exploring the wooded area, they found spiders, red ants, a gold beetle, red woodlice, lots of newts, white earwigs and a leopard slug, the latter of which they learned was carnivorous!

They also had the opportunity to go birdwatching and spotted seagulls, Canada geese, mallard ducks and swifts.

Mrs Fiona Cooper, Teacher of Chemistry said, “It was fantastic to see the pupils appreciating some of the wildlife and learning to respect the environment. They discovered a plethora of species, some in which even our guide showed particularly special interest. It was a great trip, which gave a good introduction and insight into ecology.”

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