Lower 1 pupils interview Upper School Linguists

Lower 1 pupils have started their first Language project, the topic of which is ‘Why should I study French?’.

Teacher of French, Mrs Celine Ward, tells us more:-

 “The pupils researched reasons why they should study French and then had the chance to join an Upper School Language lesson and ask the linguists why learning French is important and what opportunities it might give them in life. Below are a few comments about this lesson from the students themselves.

“It was a great experience and has helped me to see what a positive effect learning languages has. I learned that a popular future ambition is to do an internship in France. Also I thought about what a strong relationship other languages have with French.”
Owen (Form L1)

“My friend and I interviewed a Russian lady. She enjoys French and is very keen on becoming completely fluent in French. I was impressed and inspired because she knows Russian, English and French. I would enjoy learning more than one language and I think that it is something that I might do when I am older.  This was definitely a positive experience, which has inspired me to learn French and other languages to the expert level!”
Max (Form L1)

“The Lower 1 pupils all seemed genuinely interested in finding out what it is like learning French in the Upper school and asked really good questions with confidence.
Laura (Form 6)

Their excitement to learn was absolutely lovely to see, and it was evident how keen they were to knuckle down into learning French. Their questions actually allowed me to step back for a minute from the intricate details of the language, and evaluate why I love learning French so much, and why learning a language is so helpful in many different aspects of life.”?
Charlotte (Form 6)

Mrs Celine Ward concludes, “In short, this exercise was not only positive and inspiring for our Lower 1 pupils but it was also worthwhile for our Upper School linguists who saw it as an opportunity to reflect on their past years of studying French.”

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