Lincoln ladies have an exciting day go-karting!

Last weekend Lincoln ladies had a fun packed day go-karting, followed by a delicious helping of pizza in the viewing balcony.  

Upon arrival, the girls were all suited and booted appropriately for the track and then instructed how to drive to their maximum comfort and skill. 
A few girls displayed some assertive driving so it is probably best they are kept to driving karts for a bit longer! Others were more spatially aware and considerate members of the highway.
Lucy developed a winning streak and Emily, who was the youngest but possibly the most experienced driver, shone!  Second Former Anna Maria raced away with some impressive overtaking and a great big smile, which even gleamed through her helmet.  
Not too many crashes and a whole lot of giggles later, the Lincoln Ladies headed home for a relaxing evening in front of a film in the cosy common room.?

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