Lincoln House First Aid Training and this week's Truly Great

Form 2 girls in Lincoln House recently took part in an evening of first aid training, which gave them a thorough grounding in some basic life-saving techniques. The girls practised their CPR skills on the mannequins and were taught how to use a defibrillator unit. They also learned how to deal with choking, broken limbs and what to do if a person becomes unconscious.

 Sue Chapman, Matron of Lincoln House, commented: “This was a great opportunity for the girls to learn such an important life skill. They all enjoyed being involved in the session and gained a great deal from the class.”



Also this week’s Truly Great title goes to Daisy for extra practice on the piano, learning to be part of a duet and appearing confident in the Piano Duet Competition. Daisy was partnered with Tom in the competition and this pairing proved to be a success, as they were declared one of the winners. The adjudicator awarded them their prize because they listened to each other and anticipated each other's play so the music flowed between them. We are looking forward to hearing more from Daisy, who also plays the clarinet and sings. On Friday she is performing in the "Friday Night is Music Night" concert in the Chapel and several of the Lincoln girls will be going along to support her.

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