International praise for our diplomatic MUN debaters

A delegation of Oakham students, who have just returned from the International Dublin Model United Nations (MUN) conference representing the Maldives, have received huge accolade for their debating skills and have been highly commended by the hosting school.

The St. Andrews International Conference in Dublin is one of the most academically challenging MUNs in the world with 800 students from 70 different international schools (located in 38 different nations) debating at an international level.
Our 7 delegates represented Maldives and served on committees tackling issues like the Yemen crisis, global warming, global terrorism and the Syrian refugee crisis.
Laurence Ward, Head of Politics and International Relations and lead teacher of MUN, commented, "Our student delegates research and prepare draft resolutions and policy statements on various real issues and learn to negotiate and debate in the formal way of the United Nations. MUN is at the cutting edge of academic enrichment activities in the Upper School".
The MUN programme at Oakham has seen significant growth over the last 3 years and is now the largest Upper school activity with over 50 students involved.  MUN aims to build an understanding of current global challenges amongst the next generation of world leaders and thinkers. 

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