Insightful trip to Lincoln for Form One

Form 1 enjoyed an incredibly busy and insightful trip to Lincoln, visiting the Castle, the Synagogue and the Cathedral, as part of their History and Religion courses.

The day started in Lincoln Castle, looking at the real Magna Carta and watching a film to recap what they have been learning in History lessons this term. They then took a rather wet walk around the Castle walls, finding out how and why castles were built, and what Lincoln Castle had been used for at various points in history. This was followed by an amusing, fully costumed drama of King John and the Magna Carta. It included scenes such as a battle with wooden swords, and Boy King John being chased by a vicious dog!

After lunch, students visited Lincoln Synagogue and spoke to the Chairman of the local Jewish community about his life as a British Jew. They also asked questions based on what they had learnt in Religion lessons. The final stop was Lincoln Cathedral where they saw their History and Religion subjects come together. The knowledgeable guides spoke of the importance of the Cathedral both as a historical site and as a place of worship.

Megan Fairley, Head of Religion and Philosophy said, “Staff from both departments organised and accompanied the trip. It proved to be an excellent opportunity to show how the subjects are connected, what they have in common, and what we can learn from one another”.

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