IB Geographers use cutting edge research methods

IB geographers have recently returned from Stamford where they collected primary data for their internal research question and assessment.

Teacher of Geography Mrs Rebecca Hurst tells us more: 

“The project that students are researching is ‘To what extent is the central area of Stamford uniform?’ The students collected data looking at footfall, types of business, quality of the environment, building height and shops frequented by visitors.

This year the students did things differently however and used a GPS-based App to collect some of their data, which then automatically uploads to a GIS website called ArcGIS. This meant Mrs Foster and I could log onto the system whilst in Stamford and see live results from the students’ data collection as they were positioned around the town. We hope this will prove to be an engaging and up-to-date way of collecting fieldwork data on future trips with the intention that students will create and share their own surveys based on their own research questions.

The students will now use this information to answer the question and will also evaluate the quality of their data and look at how they could make improvements.”


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