House Dogs at Oakham School

To begin the New Year off, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the dogs that have been a valued member of Houses throughout the years. Whilst box listing the House photos, Miss Guillomot-Bonnefond and I have come across many photos where the dogs are just as important members of the House as the pupils!


Our first canine companion is my personal favourite dog, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel called Pippin. Pippin appears in the photos of Sargants House from 1991 – 1997. She is often held by Mrs Weight. In the picture below you can see her sitting obediently on her mistress’s lap on the front row, with her paws draped over the arms of Mrs Weight.

In the following image, Mrs Weight is again holding Pippin on the front row. This time, her position is more reminiscent of a teddy bear on her mistress’s lap.  

Shepp/Shep (spelling varies)

The next dog is again one who graced Sargants House. Shep is a Border Collie who appears to have been owned by Mr and Mrs Atherton and who lived in Sargants between 1980 and 1988. In the photo below, Shep is obediently sitting below her mistress, proudly among his fellow Sargant pupils on the front row.

What is so endearing about the following photograph is how proud and happy he looks with the success of the House that term. Shep is sitting behind one of the 9 trophies placed on the ground.


Moving now to Peterborough House. A Golden Retriever called Rufus was their companion. In an image dated 1978-79, Rufus is happily lounging in front of the boys in their House photo.

Similar to Shep’s pride at Sargants' trophies, Rufus, is very happy with the success of his House in this photo from 1987. He can be seen grinning behind a large shield.


A photo of School House shows a Labrador called Fleur. She is lying obediently on the ground between the legs of Jon Wills.

Other dogs

There have been other dogs throughout the decades whose names have unfortunately not been passed down to us.

One such dog is a small dachshund from Wharflands. This small dog was a resident in the House in 1965 – 66. She is sitting perched on her mistress's lap who is seated on the front row.

If you recognise any of these dogs or have stories about different House pets, please do get in touch with us via twitter or on email

Happy New Year from the Archives team!


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