Healthcare in the News

Last week DocSoc was hosted at Harington School and saw Form 6 (Year 12) students from both schools speak about various healthcare issues in the news, a now annual event.  

Topics included The Francis Report, the Pudding Tax, the advantages and disadvantages of clinical care commissioning and The Supervet – why does veterinary practice (such as in orthopaedics) lag behind human medicine (and surgery)?

Dr Andrew Nicoll, Teacher of Biology and Doc Soc Organiser, said, “It was a pleasure to see how much research had been undertaken by the participants with many valuable issues raised in such a heartfelt manner.”

Oakham School has run a Medical Society (Doc Soc) for many years for pupils interested in applying for clinical courses at university, a programme which is enriched by the participation of similarly minded young people from Harington School. 

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