Head of Library to give talk at HMC Conference

Oakham’s Head of Library will be presenting “The role of the School Library in building Information Literacy” at the HMC Conference for Librarians, being held at Trent College on Thursday 23rd November. 

Darryl’s presentation is particularly pertinent given the conference theme is ‘Empowering young minds’.  Darryl’s work has been very much focused on empowering students to be able to find out what they need to know, when they need to know it - to enable pupils to develop the ability to ask, and to answer, challenging questions on their own. 

He specifically addresses exactly how students learn to find out things for themselves.  He will argue, to librarians from HMC schools across the country, that this does not happen by accident.  On the contrary, he asserts it requires a progressive and systematic approach, which is fully embedded within the curriculum, which, in turn, requires effective collaboration between all academic departments, integral to which is the library.

Darryl has extensive experience in this field, and will share with delegates how Oakham School has been leading the way for a number of years. He will also give examples of how Oakham’s specially developed approach, FOSIL (Framework for Oakham School Inquiry Learning), has been integrated into a wide range of subject areas (including Computer Science, English, Geography, History, Religion & Philosophy), as well as in our Academic Writing Project and the Individual Project, Form 6 IB Extended Essay, and TeenTech. 

Darryl has been Head of Library at Oakham since 2008 and regularly presents at the Schools Libraries Group (SLG) National and Regional Conferences, as well as for other associations and schools, on a range of subject areas including information literacy and teaching for independence of learning.  He is one of the Independent School Librarians serving on the National Committee of the SLG of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

As a member of the CILIP Information Literacy Group/SLG Working Group he developed the resources for the 2016 Research & Information Literacy Award (part of the TeenTech Awards).  These were nominated and then shortlisted for the Credo Digital Award for Information Literacy at LILAC 2016 (Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference).

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