Happiness jars for Lincoln House girls

Lincoln House girls start the term with their happy jars.
Housemistress of Lincoln House, Michelle Northcott, tells us more:
“Over October half-term, Lincoln House girls made a ‘half-term happy jar’ for another girl in the House. They could include motivational quotes, happy memories, objects, etc. The girls keep their happy jars in their lockers and then can use them as they wish. If they need a bit of a pick me up, they can read a positive quote from the jar, or if they need a hair bobble, it may be in the jar! It’s a bit like a survival kit!
I am very lucky because even I received one!”
Students at Oakham School enjoy a strong tutorial programme that provides support and helps to improve their well-being. The School also hosts ‘Mental and Physical Well-being’ days giving guidance on a variety of important mindfulness topics.

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