Hambleton House crowned winner of interhouse quiz

Hambleton House was crowned the winners of this year’s Form 6 Interhouse Quiz having beaten Clipsham House by just 10 points in the Final.

Questions were based on academic subjects and general knowledge, with each round ending with a set of bonuses on Oakham school. In addition the semi-final included two sets of picture and music rounds.



Here are a few examples of the questions to test you.

1.            In which US state would you find the city of Dallas?

2.            Currently the world’s youngest nation, which African country gained its independence in 2011 following a                bloody civil war and the Darfur conflict? Its capital is Juba.

3.            Who wrote ‘War & Peace’?

4.            In the TV comedy series ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, in which conflict are the characters and events set?

5.            In the equation E=mc2, what does the letter ‘m’ represent?

6.            Name the American physicist, safecracker and bongo player who worked on the Manhattan Project, and                    was a member of the panel investigating the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle disaster.

Well done to the Decem students Robert and Alex for organising such a successful competition and to all the participants who were involved. The teams exhibited a wide range of general knowledge, and a competitive spirit during the rounds.

Throughout the school year, interhouse competitions and activities are organised across a wide range of academic, sporting and musical events, with lots of opportunities for students to represent their house, as well as work with their housemates to achieve success.

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