Hambleton crowned junior debating champions

The school debating season ended this week with a tightly contested junior interhouse final between Hambleton and Haywoods.

The Hambleton team, superbly led by Isabelle (Form 4), proposed lowering the drinking age to 16, whilst Haywoods, under George's (Form 4) excellent leadership, opposed the motion. Both teams had sailed through the previous two rounds to come out as the clear contenders for this year's title and displayed some top-quality debating skills in the final round. The victory ultimately went to Hambleton who were praised for their meticulous research, calm and poised delivery and articulate responses to points of information.

Debating is fast becoming a popular activity at Oakham and a number of students from across the School have been involved in a wide range of internal and external competitions. In the Winter Term, Will and James (both Form 7) progressed to Round 2 of the English-Speaking Union Schools Mace and then led the School House team to victory in the interhouse champions' debate, whilst Haywoods won the senior interhouse trophy and Form 5 students won prizes at the ESU Public Speaking competition. This term has seen Form 4 students taking part in a local inter-schools debate at Stamford School, as well as Form 6 students spending the day at the Oxford Union Schools event in Birmingham.

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