Guitar Ensemble Debut followed by Flute Finesse

This week we welcomed Oakham School’s Guitar Ensemble for their first Music at Lunchtime concert! The ensemble took us around the world with a variety of traditional folk songs, starting first in Spain before taking us for a quick trip to Greece. A change of feel was enjoyed with a Ukrainian traditional before we were transported closer to home: first Ireland and then, finally, Scotland. The ensemble should be congratulated on super performances from all the guitarists involved and we look forward to seeing future performances from them in the Lunchtime Series!

After the Guitar Ensemble came Thomas on flute with a varied repertoire of music. Starting with an Allegro by C P E Bach, Thomas instantly captivated the audience and showed us what he was capable of. The spellbinding continued with Madrigal by Phillipe Gaubert; a slower and more whimsical piece of flute music which ended with the audience in silence waiting for the last note to finish reverberating around the church. Thomas ended on a faster-paced note with Scherzo by Mel Bonis. This surprising piece ended more abruptly than anticipated, but was filled with skilful passages. We look forward to hearing what Thomas performs next.

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