Going to the Polls!

A mock general election was held at the School yesterday, which saw the Conservative party win with 30% of the vote. 

Teacher of Politics Mr James Farrar said,  “This has been another great opportunity for pupils to engage with the voting process and explore the issues of democracy. The candidates did a great job pitching to everyone and educating them on the different parties’ policies.”

The candidates representing each of the main political parties were six students in Forms 6 and 7:

Xavier - Lib Dem

Jenny - Greens

James - UKIP

Tom - Loony

Will - Labour

Sam - Conservative

The candidates have been holding morning roll call hustings in the 12 Middle and Upper School Houses for the past three weeks to pitch their respective policies. The topics on which they focused were Brexit, Immigration, Economy and the Environment. 

Forms 3 to 7 then cast their ballots at the School’s polling station on Thursday, which meant an impressive total of 700 students voted.

Interestingly the results show that since the school’s previous general mock election in 2015, the Conservative party’s majority has been slashed from 48% to 30%. The Green and Lib Dem parties also had more votes.

The school will now watch with interest to see how these results compare with those of the general election on 8 June 2017.

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