German Film Night

Students of German in Forms 5, 6 and 7 spent an enjooyable evening watching a recent German comedy. 

Head of German, Mrs Phillipa Sykes tells us more: 

"Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (Welcome to the Hartmanns’), which features some of Germany’s biggest stars, tells the story of Diallo, a Nigerian asylum seeker who is taken in by a family in a smart district of Munich after mother Angelika, a retired head teacher played by Senta Berger, visits a local refugee shelter.

The newcomer’s arrival triggers a series of domestic dramas – father Richard’s late-life crisis, daughter Sophie’s failed love life, workaholic son Philip’s burnout and grandson Basti’s poor grades – which are eventually resolved in a rollicking finale involving clashes between Pegida-style “patriotic citizens” and leftwing activists outside the Hartmanns’ home.

The arrival of over a million migrants and refugees in Germany since the start of 2015 has until now mainly inspired films of a darker nature. Willkommen bei den Hartmanns is the first to try to gain some comic mileage out of recent events. Director Simon Verhoeven does so by directly incorporating some of the stories that dominated the news in Germany and around Europe in 2015.

This was a great way to round off the half term – to experience German humour first hand and to spend time listening to spoken German – not to mention the pizza and coke !"

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