German Exchange Trip to Weinheim

Form 3 pupils travelled to Weinheim in Germany during the first week of the Easter holidays to stay with their German exchange families and experience first-hand the language and culture of Germany. As part of the trip, pupils visited their exchange partners’ school, they enjoyed trips to the cities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg, as well as the chance to taste typical German cuisine. They even met Weinheim’s mayor and starred in the local paper!

In the autumn pupils will welcome their German exchange partners to Oakham for the return part of the visit.

Form 3 pupil, James, writes about his exchange experience:

“The German Exchange trip to the Weiner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium in Weinheim was very good. We experienced traditional German culture and learnt about the similarities and differences between our two countries, especially with the food and we tried many local meats such as Wurst and Krakauer. On a trip to Heidelberg, we even managed to get a Spaghettieis ice cream.

We experienced Maths and History lessons at the school; it was interesting to learn how schools work in Germany – pupils stay in one classroom, with the same people, for every subject. History was good as you got a different perspective on important international events. It was also fascinating to see the differences between how Maths is taught in Germany and Great Britain, in particular the way that they write the operations symbols in Germany.

As part of the trip, we also visited several museums, where we picked up vocabulary for science experiments that we had done in England. In addition, we went to the Hockenheimring and learnt about how Formula One race days are controlled. On some evenings, we participated in our partners’ after school activities such as handball, which even taught us a new sport. Our German vocabulary really improved by spending time with the families at dinner, listening to common phrases repeated and how they talk – although they speak so quickly!

Overall, we really enjoyed understanding the cultural differences and had a great time on the excursions.”

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