GeogSoc lecture on Globalisation

Last week saw the fourth outing of the year for the Oakham School Geography Society. Upper School students attended a Geographical Association specialist lecture at the University of Nottingham by Professor of Historical Geography, Stephen Legg. The title was ‘Globalisation and Empire: Global Governance, Colonial India and 1930s London’.

Teacher of Geography Hannah Campion tells us more:

“During the lecture Stephen explored the place-making processes of political conferences during 1930s London and how they functioned as an effective space of global connections; specifically looking at superpowers and globalisation. It made the students question the idea of superpowers; was India a true superpower in the 1920-30s? Was it an empire within an empire?

The lecture demonstrated the phases of change through the lens of globalisation. It linked both to the IB Diploma and A-level topics particularly around the ideas of global networks, global governance and flows.

After the lecture, we had a mini bus tour of the campus and even stopped to watch a men’s lacrosse match between Durham vs Nottingham Universities.

This was another successful outing for the Geography Society at Oakham School, helping the students experience their subject outside the classroom and enabling them to question the world around them both past, present and future!”

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