Geography trip to Yorkshire 2019

Form 6 Geography students have just returned from their field trip to Yorkshire.

Teacher of Geography, Miss Hannah Campion, tells us more:-

“Having arrived at lunchtime, we all enjoyed an afternoon tour of York and its flood defences including the Foss barrier. Pupils were able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the Environment Agency’s efforts to manage flooding in York, putting into perspective a recent classroom study on York as a main case study for the A-level course.

Saturday morning was spent in Dalby Wood, along Dalby Beck, identifying river cliffs, misfit streams and historic floodplain terracing. Pupils also practised their fieldwork skills, learning how to measure channel depth, velocity and measure angularity as well as size of bed load.

In the afternoon, we travelled to Pickering; an area that has seen severe flooding, most recently in 2015 and 2007. Pupils identified signs of hard engineering and flooding defences such as flood gates, channelization and land use changes. They also saw how a soft engineering scheme to “slow the flow” further upstream has been adopted and pupils evaluated the strengths and weaknesses to using the various forms of engineering to protect against flood events.

Sunday’s focus was on coastal environments. We headed down to Flamborough Head with our helmets on to explore the coastal features and erosional processes along Selwicks Bay. Luckily we had timed the tides just right to explore the arches, stacks and wave cut platform along the bay. Students observed and discussed the ways in which erosional processes transform the coast. We were also joined by a family of seals, one on the beach and the other looking on from out at sea. Having conquered the climb along the steep steps back to the top, students were able to view the bay as a whole looking then at ideas of mass movement and weathering. It was really valuable for the students to see geography in action having studied a Rocks and Weathering unit during Form 6 and it will all add to their theory and case study knowledge ready for the coastal unit in Form 7.

Overall a successful weekend packed with fieldwork and all avoiding the rain which caught us up as we headed back to Oakham on Sunday afternoon.”

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